9 Most Hated Companies in America in 2020

People have always liked gossips and news about the 9 most hated companies in America in 2020. The reason is these companies are wealthy and they have influence on the world economy and people’s lives. Naturally, in many cases these companies deserve hatred, as they are involved in wide range of scandals, such as sexual abuse and assaults, frauds and bribery.

Although companies and organizatons know that they depend on public perception, they are involved such scandals from time to time. Especially in such a virus-stricken period, like this year their reputation should be the first for these businesses. If they allow themselves to get bad reputations and/or have worst customer services, they can go bankruptcy. These companies generally operate with market harmful products, lack effective security,have unfavorable customer ratings, disdain ethical practices, terrible work environment,  suffer internal wranglings and so on.

It’s the best to avoid to be on a list like this as it can cause lots of damages to a business however they do the most harm to themselves. Nevertheless, I do think that every company has its own dark side, and there’s even one skeleton in every wardrobe.

Now, without a further ado – let’s have a look at the list of the 9 most hated companies in America in 2020.

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9. Facebook

Perhaps lots of people dislike the largest social media platform, yet millions of them use it day by day. Its CEO Mark Zuckerber is the fourth richest man across the globe. The company has beend accused of spreading fake news, and giving homes to propagandists. Therefore, Zuckerberg claimed they would double their efforts to block these harmful phenomena on Facebook.


8. Monsanto

Telling you the truth, I’m surprised that this company got only the 8th spot on the list of the most hated companies in the US right now. It’s an agricultural company with a 50-year long history. There are several scandals around Monstanto, but eventually they generally preclude lawsuits. The company is involved in making products in which some fatal chemiclas were used such as PCBs, and DDT.


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7. Uber

There’s nothing new under the sun, as couple of years ago, an ex-employee released that sexual abuse is not rare in the company, therefore even the FBI began to investigate.
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6. The Trump Organization

There are large number of people in- and outland who dislike Trump, and everything he represents. There were several misuse cases between the Trump organization and the Secret Service, as the latter rented space in the Trump Organization’s skyscraper in Manhattan.


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5. Vice Media

We are half way through our compilation of the 9 most hated companies in Amrica right now, and here’s Vice Media. Being a digital news company, it launched well, but nowadays it has several problems to keep their audience. Everything began when senior executives got involved in sexual molesting others. To stop the further scandel, three of the staff were dismissed, but then the company president, Andrew Creighton and chief digital officer, Mike Germano were caught by the net.

4. University of Phoenix

The management of the University of Phoenix have been accused of several frauds and exploitations, and the university gave federal grants ti veterans without assurance of graduating them. Consequently Pentagon stopped the university from recruiting for students on military bases.
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3. Fox Entertainment Group

The most popular show of the TV chanel was shut down in 2017 due to couple of sexual lawsuits, and former CEO Roger Alies had to quit the company.

2. Wells Fargo

In 2016 the company’s employees opened 3.5 million fake accounts to show they had managed to reach the quotas they had to make. This scandel then swept away the CEO John Stumpf.


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1. The Weinstein Company

This company has got the first place on the list of  the 9 most hated companies in America in 2020Although the company has made large number of great movies, the sexual scandals of the co-founder Harvey Weinstein have put the company in the hole.
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