9 Most Powerful Militaries in the World in 2020

While the whole world has been observing the coronavirus, we mustn’t forget about the 9 most powerful militaries in the world in 2020. Wars have always been present during the history of the humanity. After the world had World War II, and people began to re-built their home countries, everybody nursed hopes that would never happen again. However we can, we have to see that it can happen again easily and quickly. And we, simple mortals can’t do anything to avoid it. If the governments and rich people determine to make war, we can’t escape from it to anywhere.

Nevertheless, there would be lots of issues that governments should spend money on, for instance on protection against COVID-19, or they should help companies and people rehabilitate again. These would be much more important than increasing military spending, as you can see in the list below.

Military and wars are masculine games, and I firmly believe if women controlled the world, there wouldn’t be any wars. Women simply feel pity to waste so many lives in the battle fields. An nowadays, when the most dangerous weapons ever are automatically controlled and they can turn at the corner, we shouldn’t spend any money on military any more, as there are so many things to be done in the world. We haven’t cured all the diseases and illnesses yet, we haven’t wiped the tears on the poor orphans faces in the third world, we haven’t cured the wounds of the Earth yet.

But I know what I wrote above, is just utopia. The reality is we have a list of the 9 most powerful miliataries in the world.

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9. Germany

Germany is the first country on our compliation, and it has also increased its military spending, but not a significant ampunt – by 8%.

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8. France

It has an excellent military and possesses second highest number of aircraft carriers in the world at 4, same as Japan.

7. United Kingdom

United Kingdom has also increased its military spending in the last decade – it seems that all the countries do the same.

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6. Brazil

Brazil has stepped forward on this list lately, as it increased its military spending by 18% in the las decade.

5. Saudi Arabia

We are half way on our list of the 9 most powerful militaries in the world in 2020. Saudi Arabia deserves its place on this compilation as it increased its military spending by 50% in the recent years. 

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4. Russia

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Russian Bear is extremely strong, for instance it has  nearly 900 fighter jets, 2 aircraft carriers, and 13,000 tanks.

3. India

For my great surprise, India is on the third place now. India and China had skirmishes recently, and if they two stat a war, this will be the worst period of the humanity.

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2. China

Definitely China has the second spot on this list, and it has increased by 100% its military spending in the last 10 years.

1. United States of America

Was there any doubt that the United States would top the compilation if the 9 most powerful militaries in the world in 2020? It has for example 20 aircraft carriers, more than all the other countries together.

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