9 Movies About Amnesia on Netflix

Amnesia is a frequent theme of movies, and if you like to watch films about it, we recommend you Insider Monkey’s latest compilation of the 9 movies about amnesia on Netflix. What is amnesia? It’s a disease which causes the patients lose their memories for shorter or longor period. Sometimes a complete loss of memory can occur as well, when the patients will never be able to recollect their past. It’s a very interesting thing that their body can often remember movements they learned not so long ago, although their brain can’t. I think it’s among the worst things if someone loses his momories, because we have experienced much in our past, the past determines us – it determines who we have become. And suddenly all this disappears, the patients can’t remember important parts of their life, such as  their beloved ones, their happy memories, their schools etc.

Movies love to adapt amnesia, as there are large number of films about it. You can choose among several genres, such as romantic, romantic comedy, documentary, thriller etc. You can see lots of movies about amnesia on Netflic, too. Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is the leading global streaming subscription service. It has the biggest library of TV shows and movies, and it’s continually growing as Netflix has been investing large amounts of money in its library.

As we have mentioned above, amnesia is a very popular theme of the movies not only in Hollywood, but as you will see in foreigner countries as well. This topic seems to lie on the ground and producers need only to bend down for it. Now, without a further ado, let’s take a look of Insider Monkey’s research about the  9 movies about amnesia on Netflix.

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9. Awake (2019)

This movie isn’t very original: a man wakes up just to find he is accused of several murders. Perhaps it’s worth watching it once.

8. Lavender (2016)

It’s about a photographer who is just recovering from amnesia and learns that there are fractures on her skull, which were the results of something secret that happened in her childhood.

7. Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

It’s a thriller in which Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth star. Nicole Kidman’s character wakes up every morning with  having no memories becuase of a major traumatic accident, and she learns truths  which completely distorts her life.

6. Bewildered Bolbol (2010)

An Egyptian movie, about a man who loses his memory and gets engaged to two women at the same time. It’s not the best  movie anyway, as the man seems to hide the realtionships from each other explaining it with amnesia.

5. Quien Te Cantara (2018)

It’s a great a movie about an amnesiac singer who can’t remember how to perform. But there is a fan of hers, whose aim to remind her who she is.

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4. Forgotten (2017)

This is a South-Korean movie, and it’s about man who tries to discover the reason  behind the kidnapping of his brother, who can’t remember at all of the past 19 days.

3. The Tribe (2018)

It’s not a typical film on amnesia as it’s about a man, who is fired from the company he is CEO of after being caught in a lewd situation with his secretary. After he attempted to commit suicide he suffers from amneisa, and this movie focuses on his biological mother, who abandoned him.

2. Tell Me Who I Am (2019)

It’s not a real movie, more likely a docuemntary in which there are two twin borthers, and one of them Alex had an accident and forgot everything except his twin borther, Marcus. This is an amazing story of two borthers and their difficulties they had to face and struggle with.

1. Autumn’s Concerto (2009)

And now we are here on top of the list of 10 movies about amnesia on NetflixThe TV show is about ten years old, but it’s a must-watch. It’s about a Korean protagonist Guang XI and MU Cheng. After a serious accident Guang XI had no memories, and he had to learn to build his future without his past.


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