9 Museum Sleepovers for Kids And Adults in NYC

If you like visiting museums and would love to have a new experience, keep reading about museum sleepovers for kids and adults in NYC. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of exciting tips about this topic.

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As for me, I have always loved visiting museums but I have never had any opportunity to sleep there, so I am really interested in these offers now. You can take the entire family to these places and enjoy enjoying live jazz music alongside gigantic dinosaur fossils, to getting a morning wakeup call from some peacocks, a museum sleepover will be the most unique thing we’ve ever heard of happening in NYC today. As there are lots of museums in New York, it is famous for its museum culture. It has a long standing and rich history, therefore you can find any kind exhibitions you would like to see. You can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (or The Met, as it is known) and The Cloisters, and many other ones.

In order to search the bet places for a museum sleepover, Insider Monkey has consulted Class Curious that is always a great help with its immense database. We have picked three items from Insider Monkey’s list for now: American Museum of Natural History: “A Night at the Museum”; The Bronx Zoo: “Family Overnight Safari”; and Queens Zoo: Scout Overnight Program. American Museum of Natural History: “A Night at the Museum” offers sleepovers at the age of 6-13, it costs $129 each. It is Central Park West. Do you remember the movie ‘Night at the Museum”? This special night will take you close to this great movie. You can enjoy the adventures of the characters, explore the museum exhibits after it is closed to the public, and you can take part in a late night fossil search with flashlights, and sleep all together in an exhibition hall. The Bronx Zoo: “Family Overnight Safari” has offers from the age of 5 an up, it costs $175 each. After the sun goes down you will have a very special experience with your family, as if you were at a real safari. The zoo’s own peacocks will wake you up the next morning. Queens Zoo: Scout Overnight Program. It has offers for all scouts of any ages. You will need to pay $65 each. If all your family love animals, this will be a fantastic night for you in the zoo.

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