9 Worst Human Rights Countries in 2020

We have come up with an important issue we are bound to talk again and again, therefore we will read about the worst human rights countries in 2020. If you have thought that we have already defeated slavery and managed to overcome humiliation – we have bad news for you. Slavery does still exists, the shadows of human traffickers shout into the deaf ears of mankind. We need hardly tell you how important to tilt at treading the human rights, and how essential is to fight modern slavory. Now, Insider Monkey have come up with a great compilation again, which you really must check out with us.

Everybody has the right to education, healthy and safe life. Yes, it sounds very good, but there are still lots of country found in the world that totally ignore the human rights of their inhabitants. We could think that by the 21st century it will be solved more or less, but the situation is not better than two decades ago. There are still pre-arranged marriages, child marriages, modern slavery, lack of education, shortage of medical supplies and many other issues that threat the civilians’ life.

With no detailed insight into all of these important matters of human rights, we will rather see here some statistics made by people and institutions concerned for this issue. But now, let’s check out together what Insider Monkey have researched for us about the worst human rights countries in 2020.

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9. Egypt


Egypt is the first country on our list, as its goverment, accusing thousands of people of terrorism, sent 150 children and about 15,300 civilzans to military court. Incredibly huge number, and horribly many destroyed lives! We, who live in safe countries cannot imagine what these numbers mean…

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8. Burundi


In Burundi violent is an everyday act, arbitrary arrests, sexual assaults, enforced disappearances are committedby the members of intelligence services, army, and even police! Therefore no one can feel safe in this country in 2020.

7. Congo

The next country on our list is Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo seems not to deal with human rights and is successfully repressing freedom of expression, political opposition, democracy activists, etc.

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6. Iran


Up to our list Iran is the next one. Concerning human rights Iran seems ignore them, as lots of online media activists and journalists have been prosecuted for or “acting against national security or”“propaganda against the government” .

5. Yemen

We are half way on our list of  the worst human rights countries in 2020. In conflicts with Saudi Arabia there were killed about 5,300 civilians, and around 8,900 wounded last November.

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4. Libya


Libya is another country that can’t be regarded a country that deals with human rights. Militia displaced about 200,000 people there.

3. Venezuela

One of the biggest problem in this country is the lack of the proper medical supplies, which makes everything worse and more difficult for manyVenezuelans.

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2. The Central African Republic


Now we are here, at the second place, which was given to the Central African Republic. The government violate basic human rights, and many cities are in control of armed groups which kill  civilians, sexually assault women and burn villages despite the efforts of the UN.

1. Syria


The first place is given to Syria in 2020. There have been 400,000 Syrians killed in conflicts since 2011, about 6 million people were displaced, while 5 million sought refuge. Therefore Syria really deserves the worst human rights country in 2020.

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