Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which Sounds Better?

Let’s make a competition between Amazon Echo vs Google Home: which sounds better? They both have their perks and flaws, but which one of them suits you better?

I believe that smart speakers are the greatest human invention. What makes them handy? Well, first of all, their size. You can put them wherever you want and they won’t ever stand in your way. Besides that, they come in handy with whatever job you need. You can use them as a reminder, alarm, speaker, information center, voice recorder, scheduler, and a lot more.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are same, but different on so many different levels. So how to determine which one is better? Well, you will make this decision a lot easier if you determine if you love or hate Apple. If Apple devices are the only things that you plan on owning in the future, then take the Amazon Echo ASAP. But if you are OK with both of these manufacturers, we have a bit of a problem. If you have decided to buy some smart speaker, don’t rely on anyone, especially not me, to tell you which one to choose. It is all spinning around the personal taste and the only thing that I can help you with is to give you some more detailed information about both devices and leave you to think about it further.

To find all the important information regarding these two devices, WireCutter, PC Advisor, CIO, and CNET were used as main sources of information. The first thing that I look for when I think about buying a new device is its features. Google Home has features for setting up the alarm, be a local guide and kind of a news reporter, you can use it for creating lists and schedules or find any song you want based on context and many more things that you can do manually.  On the other hand, Amazon Echo is mostly relying on Alexa to do everything for you. Alexa? If you are new with this, don’t be alarmed. No one is accessing your personal information and there is not a Big Brother stuck in a device controlling everything. Alexa is actually a voice service developed by Amazon that helps you run your device by just carrying it around and giving orders while you are finishing up your chores. Instead of looking at your device and constantly typing, which actually takes away the time, you will simply have a personal assistant that is cheaper than $200, can be carried with you in any bag, but won’t breathe down your neck.

So how to choose the best? Well, it all depends on how you are planning to use your new toy. To help you out a bit more, I have here an article that will provide you all needed information regarding your decision, so check out the battle Amazon Echo vs Google Home: which one is better?

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