Biggest Generic Drug Companies In The World

Searching for the biggest generic drug companies in the world? Then you have landed at the right place as we are going to discuss about some of the biggest Generic Drug companies in the world as shared by Insider Monkey. Healthcare, medicines, and drugs have been in the news more in the year 2020. The reason is the outbreak of Coronavirus which has resulting in standing pharmaceutical companies at the forefront than ever before and everyone has heard about the term “hydroxychloroquine” repeatedly this year than before. Probably, we have been dependant on generic drugs throughout our lives. The identification of Generic drugs is being made on the basis of their particular formula instead of their brand name. Thus, this is concluded that these generic drugs are for the same use and purpose but they do not have the brand name and these generic drugs are relatively less costly. 

According to the reports shared by Insider Monkey in their post:

“The generic medicines market might not be as lucrative in the pharmaceuticals space, but it is still a huge market with opportunities. The total value of generics in the total pharma sales might add up to a modest 9%-11%, however, by volumes they represent the majority. It is the price difference that brings down the profitability to a certain extent. Generics can be anywhere between 10% to a whopping 80% cheaper than their branded counterparts. We are living in times where diseases have been more on the rise than ever before.”

Let’s start with the list of the biggest generic drug companies. The list starts with Zentiva, which is based in the Czech Republic and is engaged in the marketing and production of a variety of OTC and generic medicinal products. Before, this company was the component of Sanofi but gets separated later on and started working as an independent market player for generics. There are a total of 2,071 employees in Zentiva and the revenues of the company at present are $111 million. Another generic drug firm on the list is Amneal which is publicly traded as an American company. The company is involved in the production of generic drugs comprising biosimilars and specialty products. The proprietary drugs are brought about by the specialty segment into the marketplaces of the USA, having the portfolio in core therapeutic categories such as endocrinology, disorders of the central nervous system, parasitics infections, etc. There are currently 5500 employees in the company and the current revenues are around $1,626 million. 

The list does not end here, you can check out more by jumping directly to 21 Largest Generic Drug Companies.

Biggest Generic Drug Companies In The World

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