Cannibalism Today: 13 Real Life Cannibal Tribes, Families in India and Around the World

Talking about cannibalism today: 13 real life cannibal tribes, families in India and around the world is definitely something that will make you immediately puke and maybe even become a vegetarian for a while, just in case.

There are many desert island cases where people started eating their companions until someone came to rescue. Some of these cannibals claimed that they were delusional because of the hunger and lack of water, while there were the ones admitting that it was a fight against starvation to death. Either way, after being forced to eat the human flesh, they fall into depressions and many of them even ended up in some facilities under the securities in order to regulate their urge. The interesting thing is that each person who consumed human flesh at least once in their life claimed that there is no difference between eating the human flesh and the white meat. This doesn’t mean that they weren’t all disgusted when they found out what they were eating, but before that, there were no signs at all of what they were consuming.

Pixabay/Public Domain

On the other hand, there are some tribes and people that have a bunch of food on the table but prefer the human’s flesh instead. We have all watched the shows about tribes on the desert islands that had the whole rituals before they cooked their enemies, but, believe it or not, it is still a practice in many of them. There is also one specific Tribe on Papua New Guinea that, until the 70s, didn’t even know that other civilizations existed. Every person who tried to approach them was considered to be an alien who had to be eaten immediately. But they didn’t stop at the aliens. They also eat their members that were believed to be witches, although they didn’t have proof. But don’t be so surprised, our people burned women who were said to be witches also based on nothing. And not just adults, but females younger than 15 as well.

What exactly makes people become a cannibal? Is it a good taste? Or maybe some belief? Or maybe the joy in torturing and eating someone cooked or alive to make yourself bigger? Or sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with the body, so you pick the easiest solution: take their skin off, slice the meat, and put it in the oven? Believe it or not, cannibalism is still all around us. Where is cannibalism today: 13 real life cannibal tribes, families in India and around the world?

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