Easiest Orthodontic Residency Program to Get Into

What is the easiest orthodontic residency program to get into? What is the average gpa for orthodontic residency? What is the average gre score for orthodontic residency? Insider Monkey compiled a list of accredited orthodontic programs in the US and Canada, the number of accepted residents for each program, the duration of the program, and tuition fees. They found out a negative relationship between tuition fees and the acceptance rates, because there are fewer applicants as the tuition fees increase.

According to Insider Monkey University of Colorado, Jacksonville University School of Dentistry, and Saint Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education are the easiest orthodontic residency programs to get into. Having said this, orthodontic residency programs are among the most in-demand specialties and attract a large number of high performing students. Most programs accept students that are often among the top 10% of their cohort with close to 4.0 GPA.

Easiest Orthodontic Residency Programs to Get Into

If your gpa isn’t high enough, your alternative is to get a very high GRE score. Academic studies found that the  GRE score of a resident doesn’t predict student performance in an orthodontic residency program. On the other hand, dental school GPA (or class rank) is the strongest predictor of residency performance. Residency programs know this. However, you can improve your chances of acceptance by delivering a top notch GRE test score.

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