MyGirlFund: Helping College Girls Pay Tuition Bills or Glorified Webcam Site?

Do you know what is MyGirlFund and what is the purpose of this web site? Ever since it was launched in 2008, MyGirlFund has been a source of a controversy. Advertised as a site where college girls can use their creativity to make some extra cash and helping them pay the tuition bills.

What does the success of MyGirlFund tell us about our relationship with the technology and how we interact and get to know each other with the opposite sex in the digital era? The popularity of this web site is huge. The site charges its models up to 35 percent of everything they make. Users often feel that they aren’t getting their money worth regarding service the MyGirlFund provides. Site’s administrators can be very protective of their site as well. The greatest complaint about MyGirlFund is one business practice they share with almost every other social site on the web. What Every piece of content users submit to the site is free for the site to use as they please, which means those raunchy videos can easily find their way to Pornhub and there’s nothing users can do about it. MyGirlFund is a site that focuses on one-on-one interactions through messaging, live chatting, webcam shows, and content sales. While models and members can interact together in a variety of ways, members cannot interact with each other, thus leading to the more intimate experience that emphasizes friendships and connections more than some other sites. There is no minimum or maximum pricing structure on MyGirlFund, so you are free to choose your prices and adjust them on the individual basis if you choose. One of the main benefits of MyGirlFund is that you can cash out as soon as you reach your minimum payout (different for each payment method). Therefore, rather than waiting for a predetermined payday, you can cash out your fund at any time – it is advisable to cash out every $100 or so, in the case of money out delays or site problems. Payments are offered via direct deposit, cheque, and Payoneer. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each. It is possible to have both direct deposit and Payoneer enabled at once, allowing you to choose which option you’d prefer for each cash out.

If you want to see more about MyGirlFund and find out more about helping college girls pay tuition bills or glorifed webcam site, check Insider’s Monkey list of MyGirlFund: Helping College Girls Pay Tuition Bills or Glorified Webcam Site? 

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