Nobel Prize Winners By Religion: Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Non-Religious

Have you ever thought about Nobel Prize winners? How many of them are Christians, how many of them are atheists, muslims? No? Yes? Insider Monkey posted an article regarding Nobel Prize winners by religion: Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Non-Religious so let’s discuss it a bit.

We usually think about scientists as atheists. They usually claim that they only believe in the things that can be proven, touched, tasted, smelled, or felt in any other sense.  They believe in facts and believing in some fictional character isn’t possible.

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In my opinion, people created God because they needed some comfort in the hardest times. They needed to believe that it is someone’s plan to test them and that they will be rewarded after they die. Since no one can prove it, for now, scientists are also believed to think that God doesn’t exist.

But if you look at the Nobel Prize Winners for science, literature, math etc, you will realize that there are many winners wearing some religious symbol than we could think of. I don’t know how many of you know about Albert Einstein? Ok, we all know about his accomplishments as a scientist, we all know about his theory of relativity and the debates of this theory being not his, but his ex – wife’s accomplishment that he got because women were not that respected in the world of science at the time and there was a contract found when they got divorced where she signed that she will give him all the rights over this theory. But how many of you know why he moved to America? It wasn’t the search for the better life. It was the search for keeping his head.

Albert Einstein lived during the Hitler’s era. When Hitler took the throne over Germany and decided that he was the one to play God and finish the ethnical cleaning, Albert Einstein’s head was on the target. He was a well – respected scientist but, at the same time, he was Jewish. Since Hitler couldn’t care less about his accomplishments and the influence of science and technology, he wore the target on his head. Naturally, he had to run away from there if he wanted to live and his time hasn’t come yet so he packed his things and went abroad, to the dreamland of many people, America.

And Albert Einstein wasn’t the only religious person in the world of science. To see who they all are, click on Nobel Prize winners by religion: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Non-Religious.

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