Nobel Prize Winners By Religion: Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Non-Religious

If you have ever thought of the Nobel Prize winners, now do read the article about Nobel Prize winners by religion: Jewesh, Christian, Muslim and non-religious. Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting article about this topic. It is interesting to think about which religious group leads in terms of most number of Nobel Prize winners.

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There is an inherent sense of pride when you see the names of the people with the same religious beliefs as yourself making a contribution that merited the award of the esteemed Nobel Prize.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked some winners from every group, it’s very interesting to see so many genious people on the lists.

Jewish Nobel Prize winners

#          Name                                       Year     Country             Field

1          Adolf von Baeyer                      1905     Germany           Chemistry

2          Henri Moissan                          1906     France              Chemistry

3          Otto Wallach                             1910     Germany           Chemistry

4          Richard Willstätter                  1915     Germany           Chemistry

5          Fritz Haber                                1918     Germany           Chemistry

6          George de Hevesy                    1943     Hungary            Chemistry

7          Melvin Calvin                            1961     United States    Chemistry

8          Max Perutz                                1962     United Kingdom    Chemistry

9          Christian B. Anfinsen              1972     United States    Chemistry

10         William Howard Stein            1972    United States    Chemistry

11         Ilya Prigogine                            1977     Belgium            Chemistry

Muslim Nobel Prize winners

#          Name                                        Year     Country             Field

1          Anwar al-Sadat                         1978    Egypt               Peace

2          Yasser Arafat                            1994     Palestine          Peace

3          Shirin Ebadi                              2003     Iran                   Peace

4          Mohamed El Baradei               2005     Egypt               Peace

5          Muhammad Yunus                   2006     Bangladesh       Peace

6          Tawakel Karman                       2011     Yemen              Peace

7          Malala Yousafzai                       2014     Pakistan           Peace

8          Naguib Mahfouz                        1988     Egypt               Literature

Christian Nobel Prize winners

#          Name                                                    Year     Country             Fields

1          Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen                    1901     Germany            Physics

2          Hendrik Lorentz                                   1902     Netherlands       Physics

3          Pieter Zeeman                                       1902      Netherlands       Physics

4          Antoine Henri Becquerel                      1903     France                Physics

5          Lord Rayleigh                                          1904     United Kingdom  Physics

6          Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard     1905     Austria-Hungary, Germany         Physics

7          Joseph John Thomson                          1906     United Kingdom    Physics

8          Guglielmo Marconi                                1909     Italy                        Physics

9          Max von Laue                                          1914     Germany                  Physics

10         William Henry Bragg                            1915     United Kingdom      Physics

11         Charles Glover Barkla                            1917     United Kingdom     Physics

12         Johannes Stark                                       1919     Germany           Physics

13         Robert Andrews Millikan                     1923     United States    Physics

Non-Religious Nobel Prize winners

#          Name                                                    Field

1          Svante Arrhenius                              Chemistry

2          Paul D. Boyer                                    Chemistry

3          John Cornforth                                 Chemistry

4          Frédéric Joliot-Curie                       Chemistry

5          Irène Joliot-Curie                             Chemistry

6          Richard R. Ernst                               Chemistry

7          Herbert A. Hauptman                      Chemistry

8          Roald Hoffmann                               Chemistry

9          Harold W. Kroto                               Chemistry

10         Jean-Marie Lehn                             Chemistry

11         Peter D. Mitchell                              Chemistry


For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about Nobel Prize winners by religion: Jewesh, Christian, Muslim and non-religious

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