Project Runway Winners Ranked: Worst to Best

We all enjoyed the show, but have you ever thought about Project Runway winners ranked: worst to best?

The interesting thing about this show is that it teaches us all that we don’t need to pay tons of money to look great. It teaches us that we can look like we came from a high-class society even if we spent only a few bucks.

Pixabay/Public Domain

The truth is that, personally, I don’t really get the fashion. For example, the newest Gucci line is completely insane and sick. And that came from the person that enjoys watching the surgical documentaries where you can see every organ from the body taken out and cut down. I mean, each model wears his or her own head. Who could have ever thought about that? I guess someone did and it is a scandal, if you asked me. Of course, no one with his clear head would allow himself or herself to wear something like this outside of his or her apartment, which is why I really don’t get this kind of stuff. I believed that these runways are there to state something, to clear the new lines, to put the new fashion worldwide. But, I would never wear the majority of clothes worn by these models.

On the other hand, the Project Runway represents the new designers that make clothes for economic prices and can be worn by anyone. Sure, some of their designs would only be seen on runways, like these pieces made by Gucci, but everything else is really high class but affordable and, how to put it, normal. Yes, normal is the right word.

But, as always, while some of them were shining in their thoughts, others had the creative block. They were late, they had no idea what they did, so they had to be walked out. The winner was always the designer with the best and new ideas. The wide audience didn’t always agree with the decision of the judges but we are not the experts, right? The only right criteria for Project Runway winners ranked:  worst to best are their accomplishments after winning the show, right? Who made their path as a world-famous designer, whose clothes are best sold, and how many of them are forgotten already? See it all in Insider Monkey’s article: Project Runway winners ranked: worst to best.

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