The 10 Best Islands to Visit in 2019

If you look around the world you can find so many beautiful places to visit, that we really can’t list all of them. But now Insider Monkey have sorted out the 10 best islands to visit in 2019 for you! It’s a really must-read article from them.

For instance the Caribbean Sea offers you wonderful destinations where you can enjoy sand, sun, relaxed atmosphere, lots of programs related to water, therefore there’s nothing to do now but let’s go the Caribbean Sea! It is from the north of South America to the east of Central America, and it’s regarded to be one of the largest seas in the world, there are many spectacular islands there. You can have your special, dream holiday if you decide to travel there. The islands of Caribbean consist of thirteen islands many of wchich have  other small cays and islands. That’s why they are categorized into small, medium and large islands. Some continental countries have lots of these islands, for instance Venezuela owns fifteen islands from them.

These islands show lots of similarities if we watch them thoroughly: the climate, the beaches, the type of flora and fana, and the culinary as the agriculture and products of the sea is the same. The beaches with white sand offer you wonderful  scenes so that you can have the feeling as if you were in the Paradise. The temperature is between 24 and 36 degrees, and you can enjoy the Caribbean cuisine with typical corn, grains, sugar cane and variety of fish.

We haven’t mentioned the culture of this area which is full of fun, dance, casinos and you can be sure of a friendly welcome if you visit there. Without a shadow of a doubt we can say that the Caribbean offers you the perfect holiday! Now without a further ado let’s check out what Insider Monkey have found for us!

Overview of the most visited islands

Insider Monkey have chosen the most visited and most popular islands of the Caribbean, and they are listed in a random way. Are you ready for a pleasant journey among the 10 best islands to visit in 2019? If so, come with us!

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Punta Cana

The first location on our list is Punta Cana, which is located in the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia. You can find wonderful, fine, white sand, sparkling sunshine, blue water; the temperature is between 20 and 32 degrees. The tropical forests also offer you nice things to see. Visiting of the “Cueva Iguabonita” with different ancient petroglyphs is highly recommended.

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If you visit Aruba you are welcomed with a “Bombini” in perfect Papiamento. This place is outside the hurricane zone, so if you have worried about it, don’t hesitate to travel here. There are incredible turquoise beaches, also you can visit theatres, art galleries and museums here. As for me, Aruba is my favorite location with its all beaches and sights. Just close your eyes and imagine to drink some delicious champagne on the beach!

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is also called Borínquen which means “Land of Our Most High and Brave Lord”. You can find montains, waterfalls, lakes, beaches and forests here, which gives the best holiday of yours ever. Its museums, monuments and music are also spectacular and great.

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Its name origins from  the Taíno Xaymaca. It’s the cradle of reggae music, and Bob Marley was the most famous singer of this island (you can also visit his museum). What can you see here? Well, everything that is needed for a great vacation, such as lakes, maritime caves, mountainous terrain, with a small strip of coast.

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Cuba is really famous for its music, kind inhabitants, water sports – especially diving. But you can also enjoy the mountains where you can go hiking and the delicious cuisine of this island. If you have the opportnity to travel to this area, don’t miss it!

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This island is regarded one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean, as it has everything: wonderful weather, great beaches, spectacular parks. Also “Harbor Island” can be visited, or the Pirate Museum, and  the Hermitage of Padre Jerome to meditate.

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This is the perfect destination for windsurfing, surfing, hiking, spearfishing, helicopter or submarinie rides. And also, who woldn’t know its rum?

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It’s a little bit different as it has fewer beaches than the others but its natural forests and waterfalls are really incredible. It also has a world heritage site – park Morne Trois Picons, which is a tropical forest with volcanic characteristics. There are large hot springs in Dominica as well.

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It has short rivers and torrent. This is one of the most popular destionations with its hot springs, reefs, wild jungles and white sands. So if you prefer active holidays it’s the best location for you!

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Trinidad & Tobago

It has lots of sights to see, and also white sands where you can snorkel and can see beautiful creatures in the sea. You can enjoy the great meals you are served with in the restaurant and people’s kindness is amazing. If you travel here you will never regret it!

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These were the 10 best islands to visit in 2019, and no matter which one you choose as a destination, you will surely have your dream-journey, and you will speak about this holiday even to your grandchildren as well! There is only one thing left to say – take out your luggage, get a plane ticket and have a good journey!


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