The Best Art Classes in New York City That Will Transform You

Keeap reading the best art classes in New York City that will transform you. If you like art, and you would like to enroll some kind of classes, stop searching, because it is your article. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting tips about this topic. I have always loved creating something, for example embroidery, knitting, cake decorating, vegatable carving. So whenever I see an article like this, I check it. Who knows, perhaps I can find something for myself as well.

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New York is a very art-heavy city. There are lots of museums, galleries, and studios to visit and enjoy. It’s only natural that a place with so much art would offer classes. Taking a class can be something you do on your own, with friends, with family, or as a team-building exercise with your coworkers. Now Insider Monkey has investigated where you can have art classes in NYC that will transform you, if you are an adult. In order to give us good answers and opportunities, Insider Monkey consulted ClassCurious. This site has an immense database of large numbers of classes, so we can ask for its help every time.

We have picked two classes from their list. Watercolor for Absolute Beginners was created by Joan Iaconetti 12 years ago. Her classes teach the basics of watercolor that she never got to learn in a classroom setting when she began pursuing it 18 years ago. She believes if you can pick up a pencil and write your name then you can paint with watercolors. It’s a great brain exercise and she offers a variety of classes and workshops. Sip ’N Sculpt encourages freedom and creativity with a little bit of alcohol on top of it. There’s a weekly theme for students to follow, but there isn’t a strict guideline, which means it’s a great art class for anyone who wants to express creativity that’s outside of the box. It’s no-rules sculpting with a lot of fun and talented instructors.

For any further useful information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the best art classes in New York City that will transform you.

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