Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Shirt Brands in the World

Men’s fashion is on the rise and these are top 10 best selling men’s shirt brands in the world.

I love how men say that we, women, are too complicated when we go to a shop. Sure, we might take some time longer than usual to buy a new dress or shoes, but we don’t always pay that much attention to the brand.


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Every man from my surrounding said that I am a girl and that I have too much unnecessary clothes. The funny thing is that, if I would open my closet, there would only be a few shirts, a few pairs of pants and a small number of dresses. You might think that I am a liar because I am a girl and the rule is that I am obsessed with shopping, but the thing is that I hate shopping. I sometimes buy something if I see some nice outfit but, if it isn’t the case of emergency, I don’t rush to buy something new. And I have no idea how people say that shopping calms them down. That few hours of looking through stores are the most stressful hours of my life. too many choices, too many items, just too many.

There was one even funnier situation related to it. When I started living with my boyfriend, we realized that we don’t have a place to put all the clothes we own. Of course, he claimed that it was because I had too many things, but the reality was a bit different. We bought a new wardrobe that had 5 double shelves and one part for hanging. He was the first one to unpack. I really didn’t pay a lot of attention when he did it, but, when he was done, I realized that there were only three shelves left. Those three shelves were for my clothes, baby’s clothes, and underwear and pajamas. Of course, when he unpacked his pajamas and underwear, we realized that there were only 2 shelves left. You will be surprised to know that, at first, I managed to pack all my clothes on one shelf. The thing that surprised me, even more, was the fact that, almost all his shirts were the same brand but different color. When I saw the first four, I thought that it might be the coincidence or he might bought them all at the same time. But after a while, I saw him buying shirts and always checking if it is the right brand. It turned out that he wasn’t the only one. Men have their favorite brand as well. And these are top 10 best selling men’s shirt brands in the world.

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