Top 10 Cities with Highest Uninsured Rates in America

Today are going to speak about the top 10 cities with highest uninsured rates in America. Insider Monkey has published an article about this issue, which is really worth reading it through. Insurance is among the most impartant issues in life, especially in these times fraught with danger of the coronavirus. Hundreds of millions of people lost their jobs lately, due to the pandemic and if they didn’t have (and unfortunately large number of people didn’t) spare money, they got into trouble. With losing their jobs people also lost insurance, which means exceptional problems if they are ill. Since there is not only COVID-19 in the world, there are many other illnesses and diseases. Or let’s think how painful a simple toothache is! If you have a toothache, you can’t think of anything else just about that tormenting ache in your head. And if you don’t have insurances, it becomes even more horrible. We all hope these times will end soon and we can live our life safe and sound, and everything will go on the way as it did before. You will see the list is not too deverse, as for instance Texas is present on the compilation several times. It has special econimcal reasons, and this situation with the coronavirus has made it even worse.

Now let’s take a look at the cities, Insider Monkey collected for us. Arlington is on the compilation with its rate of 23.5%. Arlington is followed by Tampa FL where 23.6% of people  are uninsured. Santa Ana, CA and Fort Worth, TX are also on the list with more than 255. Dallas, TX and Corpus Christi can’t boast with decreasing rates, as there are almost 30% of uninsured people there. Taxas seem to lag behind as Houston, San Antonio and El Paso are also on the list with more than 30% uninsured people. Please click here to get more information which city hits the list of the 10 cities with the most uninsured rates in America.

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