Top 10 Controversial Debate Topics for High School

If you teach you may need some really exciting controversial debate topics for high school. We must believe in youngsters, we must believe in their opinion and in the fact they can and they will change the future. Telling yout the truth my favorite age group is teenagers. Why? Because they see evertyhing very sharp, and they don’t fear to say it. Our modern socitey needs changes in its every part.

But what is a debate? It’s a lively talk when the participants defend their points of view.  Long ago debates were public, opponents invited people and they went to listen to them! Youngsters must learn how to defend their attitudes in an intelligent way. And there are scholar competitions as well. If you want to prepare your students for these competitions, you need to practise with them  a lot.

Now, we have selected ten of the controversial debate topics for you from Insider Monkey’s list. It’s really worth checking out the whole article, and discussing every each of one. Young people can highlight things we haven’t noticed before. But without a further ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey have investigated for us about the controversial debate topics for high school.

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10. Abortion

There are lots of debates about abortion throughout the whole world. As times goes by with me I become more thoughtful. I do think nobody should judge too early those, who have already had. But what is sure it’s a very good topic on this list.


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9. Death penalty

Death penalty… You probably think while listening to the news that this person really deserves death. I am not an exception either. But be honest, if you had to execute it, would you really do it? That’s why I think we shouldn’t hurry with saying it. And furthermore, there are countries where death penalty still exists. Are there less crimes there? What  do you think young people will say about it?

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8. Genetic engineering in animals

Do we need to interfere everything? Genetic engineering in animals can be a very good topic for everyone, not only for students in high schools.

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7. Stem cells research

It is worth thinking and speaking about this topic with students in high school, since they are intelligent and youngsters can notice lots of things, which we, adults can’t.

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6. Should sex education be taught in school?

There are lots of teenage pregnancy. We really must emphasize that sex education is important even today. Do you know that in Sweden the sex education in primary schools have been existed for more than 6 decades?


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5. Is teasing bullying?

Teasing is a thing that almost everybody had to face in their childhood, but it doesn’t mean it’s all right. As for me I have never teased anyone and I didn’t take part in it. But what do you think? Is it bullying or just a part of the human nature? I firmly believe it is worth listening to the teenagers’ opinion.


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4. Climate Change

Now, the climate change. Is it really happening? Or is it a thing that is absolutely normal and we have nothing to do with it? It’s a relly good topic to speak about in a high school.


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3. Born gay

What do you think being gay is something a person is born with or the impact of the socitey? As for me, I don’t know. Gay marriages are legalized in many countries, while there are many also where gay people are not welcomed. What is sure – this topic is really controversial.

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2. Animal Testing

Animals does have the right to live in peace and healthy. I really welcome that animal rights have become into limelight recently. I have lots of animals and I hate the thought that they would be tested  – especially by the beauty industry, which is absolutely not important. So what do you think? Is it moral?

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1. Cloning

If cloning is not a controversial debate question – I don’t know what it is. Many times I really don’t know what to think about it. Organ cloning is definitely an essential procedure. If someone has even a ‘simple’ disease such as diabetes, and his pancreas is ill, a new one means even his life, or at least a much better future. But cloning people… what would happen if there were lots of cloned people without parents, childhood, or fate?

Now, we have given you a fine selection from Insider Monkey’s list of  controversial debate topic for high schoolIf you are a teacher you can use any of them.

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