Top 10 Countries with Highest Circumcision Rate in the World

Have you ever wondered about the countries with highest circumcision rate in the world? Now, here is Insider Monkey’s latest article about this interesting topic. The medical procedure is performed on male children, and in the past, it was done as a religious act, as two major Abrahamic religions decree that all male children born to the faith must be circumcised. Therefore all the Muslim men and Jewish men who were born to the religion are circumcised. However, in modern times many health benefits have been attributed to circumcision, and thus many male children are circumcised without any religious or social obligations.


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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three countries with highest circumcision rate in the world from their list.

The first one is Philippines. Now the major religion in the Philippines is not Islam nor Judaism, but rather Christianity. However, despite the majority of the population of the Philippines being Christians, the circumcision rate is extremely high due to a social rite called “Tuli”. Tuli is considered a rite of passage for boys, and those who do not have this ritual performed on them are subject to social ridicule from peers. That’s why Philippines is among countries with highest circumcision rate in the world  despite being the only Christian nation in Southeast Asia. The second country is Togo. According to the sources we cited earlier, Togo has about 93% of the male population circumcised. Which is really a massive percentage considering the primary religion in Togo is of indigenous origin. Islam as a religion is a minority in Togo, and Judaism is virtually nonexistent. But, it has been established that circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV, which is spreading throughout Africa as a whole. At last, but not least let’s see the numbers of Cameroon. Cameroon is a Central African country where Christianity is a major religion. However the rate of circumcised men in Cameroon is well above 90%, and according to our sources, it is roughly at 93%. It’s the same as Togo, where despite having no religious obligations, people of Cameroon opted for circumcision in order to minimize the risk of contracting HIV, and it is working out in their favor as well.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 highest circumcision rate in the world from their list.

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