Top 10 Emergency Medicine Residency Programs In America

If you have decided to dedicate your life to saving patients in ER, Insider Monkey recently published an article about top 10 emergency medicine residency programs in America that can definitely help you out.

Working in an ER brings great responsibilities with itself. First of all, you have to have knowledge in every medical field out there, be patient, and, of course, be able to react in all kinds of situations.

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As an emergency physician, you will be the first person patient in need sees, and, no matter their age, or difficulty of the diagnose, you have to manage to bond with the patient and earn their trust, but at the same time keep the distance so you don’t get to attached to each patient.

If you have chosen the emergency medicine as your specialty, keep in mind that you are going to need strong stomach because you can never know in what stage you will receive a new case. And be prepared to have one of the highest death rate in the whole hospital and that you are going to be the one telling the sad news to the family.

But this job has more perks than disadvantages. Although the cases are tough, there isn’t a better feeling than when you save someone’s life. While their family is struggling with the feeling that they will never see their beloved ones again, you will be the one making their hearts beat again.

In order to become great, you need to have great teachers and cases so you can remember and learn to do things on your own. The problem is finding the right program for you. Each residency program has some famous physician who is in charge of residence, each residency program has its followers and people who were satisfied with it in past, but it also has the ones dissatisfied with the program in general.

To rank top 10 best emergency medicine programs, Insider Monkey went straight to Doximity, the online network that gets together over a half a million American physicians. There is a Residency Navigator where over
52,000 medical experts give the review of residency programs for each medical department. Besides Doximity, they also took Start Class, just to make sure that they made a right choice.

To see the results they got, here is the link to top 10 emergency medicine residency programs in America.

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