Top 10 Gold Mining Companies In The World

Today we will list the top gold mining companies in the world based on Insider Monkey’s latest compilation. Gold and golden stuff have had a long standing tradition through the human history, and gold has always been among the most valuable metals.

But why have people always adored gold, and why were they able to make even wars just to have more gold mines? At first it’s a rare metal, this is the reason that made it expensive through the centuries. Another extremely important property of gold, that it does not corrode, and it’s resistant for most acids. Furthermore, it was used as money across the globe. To get gold, it’s need to be mined. The gold producing companies all have the necessary equipment and personnel, and their market cap is more than $150 billion. Unsurprisingly the biggest gold producing country is China, while the top companies are in the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

And now, let’s have a look at the list. We have picked up two items from the compilation, as usual. AngloGold Ashanti Ltd, South Africa stands on the eighth spot with its amazing numbers. Market capitalization of the company (in billions of dollars) was 4.6 in 2019, while the total revenue was 3,500 million dollars. Actually, by production this company stands on the third place in the world. It operates in 21 countries on four continents. Polyus PJSC, Russia is on the fourth spot of the compilation. In 2019 its market capitalization of the company was 12.1 billion dollars, while the total revenue 4,010 million in dollars. Polyus is the laargest gold producer company in Russia, as it produced 2,841 koz of gold in 2019. If you want to gain more infirmation, and want to know which company is largest in the world, click the top gold mining companies in the world.

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