Top 10 Most Suicidal Countries in the World

What are the most suicidal countries in the world? It is a rather frightening topic, but as a matter of fact as we listen to the news, we can hear every day that somebody committed suicide. W often do not think these cases over as long as it happens to somebody whom we know, maybe this person lived in our neighborhood. At this time we stop for a little and begin to wonder: why? Why did this person do that? Why wasn’t I told that he or she was in trouble?

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Fortunately I haven’t had to face suicide among my acquaintances so far, but not so long ago there was old lady near here, who tried to commit suicide and she – did manage. Neighbors here attempted to help her – but in vain. Then I started to think of her life. I didn’t know her well; just I saw her walking past slowly my house. Most people think that those countries have the highest rates in depression and committing suicide that are completely poor and undeveloped. But it’s not true. But the situation is that the suicide issue is a very deep and complex psychological issue that should be treated individually, rather than on a country level and depression is not easy to deal with since we are often not aware that some people may suffer from it. That’s why we are usually surprised when somebody commits suicide. Among men there are more successful suicide, because women are “weak” – they usually try pills, but many times pills are slow and women can be saved. While man usually use guns, knifes, rope – and they are very effective tools – if someone wants to commit suicide.

We have picked three countries from Insider Monkey’s list. The  suicide rates in South Korea are 36.1 for men, and 13.4 for women. So many people are involved! Angola is the next country. The suicide rate for men is 38.1, and for women 14.3 here. To finish this horrible list, we mention  Lithuania. The suicde rate for men in Lithuania is 47.1, and for women 8.1. I think we should pay attention much more to our relatives, friends, and neighbours. Who knows, perhaps one day will save somebody’s life!

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about most suicidal countries in the world

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