Top 10 Pediatric Residency Programs In America

If you are into pediatrics, check out these top 10 pediatric residency programs in America.

Pediatric medicine is a two-way street. While, on one hand, you will be treating kids and helping them grow up properly, but, on the other hand, you will be dealing with all sorts of different diseases and injuries, which is really hard to watch even when it comes to adults and not to even mention helpless little creature who doesn’t even know what is happening around them.

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Children don’t know that some symptoms they are facing can lead to more serious conditions. They are used to having a headache when they are tired, but they don’t know that it might be the high fewer of weak sight involved. When they stomach hurts, they could have a cold, diarrhea, or they might have eaten something that wasn’t good for their organism.

The worst thing is working with infants. They can’t tell you what is wrong with them and they can’t show you either. The only clues that you will have is the word of a parent and a crying baby. As we all know, babies are crying for multiple reasons. They can be hungry, sleepless, wet, hurt, or just bored and in need for company. On the other hand, especially with new parents, people can be paranoid when it comes to their children. They can overreact even when it comes to the slightest injuries or is if they child throws up after a rich meal. Sometimes, they will give the full bottle to their child even if it isn’t that hungry. To reduce the extra fluid, babies can throw up several times or have a stomachache and, instead of waiting for the situation to calm down and warming their child’s tummy, they will immediately run to the hospital and knock on your door. The problem here is that even if their child is not sick, they could get some fewer just by coming to the hospital if there is a patient with a virus as well there. Baby’s immune system is still weak and it can’t handle different diseases and prepare to have a hard time explaining this to parents. Make sure you remember this, instead of just being a child’s physician, you will have to be the psychiatrists to their parents.

All of this requires a big effort and training and you will need the best medical program that hires the best people in this field to teach you that. So check out our list of top 10 pediatric residency programs in America and choose the best one to attend.

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