Top 10 U.S. Cities for Green Companies

Eco is hot and these top 10 US cities for green companies are fashion leaders when it comes to this matter.

Luckily for every country in the world, including the US is that the 90s are the past. There is no more rush, there are no more open crimes, there is no trashing everything that comes to your way. Cities are not dirty and grey anymore. Everyone is trying their best in order to make the place they live in as colorful as they can.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Being surrounded by colors we lean to being happier. When we see all those lives surrounding us, we need to stop and refresh and feel young and reborn! But eco friendly environment isn’t only pretty but useful as well, for everyone’s existence. We pollute the air, the ground, the water, the Earth in general manually.

First of all, we pollute the air and destroy the ozone layer with all the gases from our cars, fires, smokes. Second, with all the fuel going into the rivers, especially the ones from the factories. And the third, and the most common is the junk we throw each day. By throwing everything that we are supposed to throw in the baskets right on the ground, in the grass, we stop it from growing. We destroy forests that create the clean air and suck and eliminate all the unwanted gasses from the air and, therefore, we start breathing the polluted air. And of course, the weather is this weird. I mean, snow at the end of March and the sun and warm weather in January. What is this going on? When I was a child, I remember making a snowman for Christmas and falling snow on New Year’s Eve. Two months later, in the middle of the March, I would already have my jackets packed and wore skirts when I go outside. Now, I am wearing my boots and, during the Christmas holidays, I wore my sneakers. So, tell me something, does it sound normal? No! Definitely not! And while we are complaining about the weather, we are obviously not aware that we are the ones that did it to ourselves.

But not every city in the world has this issue. Some of them really care about our planet and the whole nation. When it comes to the US, these are the top 10 US cities for green companies.

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