Top 14 Defense Contractors in the World in 2020

With its almost $300 billion in revenie, the top 14 defense contractors in the world in 2020 prove that there is no peace in the world, and it’s very from it. Now we have brought an arresting compilation from Insider Monkey again which is about superpowers.

The arms sales industry is among the biggest in the world, if not the largest one. It’s worth more than $500 billion, of which almost 60% is owned by only 15 companies. So what does a defense contractor mean? As Insider Monkey says: ‘A defense contractor is an individual or a business which provides products and services to the military or intelligence agencies of a country, often providing them with weapons and high end defense technology.’

The united States has had the largest defense contractors in the past few decades, Chine has closed up and has tried to break the US’s dominance in this field. It’s not surprising, as China has become a very strong superpower recently. These two have contributed 11 of the 14 entries on our compilation.

China earlier had very small defense contractors, with no entries in the top 100 defense contractors, either. But now China has six entries of the top 15, and this rise happened only within a year, which is an amazing achievement. Now the United States has to fight for its crown as the most powerful country on the globe. China tends to build the most powerful army in the world, and plans to take the leadership from the United States.

Now without a further ado, let’s check out the top 10 defense contractors in the world in 2020.

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14. Almaz-Antey

Its defense revenue (in millions) is $9,660. Almaz-Antey is the first defense contractor on our list. It’s state owned, so profit is not its primary aim, it’s the manufacture of several weapons instead.


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13. China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Defense Revenue (in millions) is $9,795. It’s among the largest shipbuilding conglomerates in China.

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12. China North Industries Group Corporation Limited

Defense revenue (in millions) of this company is $14,777. It engages in every mundane industry, such as  the manufacture of armored assault vehicles and antimissile equipment.

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11. BAE Systems

Defense revenue (in millions) is $22,477. This company is among those that are not from China or the United States, but it has a great a defense revenue.

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10. China Electronics Technology Group

Its defense revenue (in millions) is 10,275. It creates sophisticated facial recognition softwares and identifying terrorists through software.

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9. Leonardo

Defense revenue (in millions) is $9,828. Its a defense and aerospace company.

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8. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation

Defense revenue (in millions) is 12,130. It’s another Chinese defense contractor in our list. It manufactures high end weapons for the military.

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7. Raytheon Company

Defense revenue (in millions) of this defense contractor is  $25,163. This company has just won a $1 billion missile contract, so its revenue is to be higher and higher this year.

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6. Airbus

Defense Revenue (in millions): $13,063

Aeronautical and defense go hand in hand with most of our entries in the top 15 defense contractors in the world, with Airbus being known as one of the more popular ones, selling military aerospace products, which make up less than a fifth of its total revenue.

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5. Lockheed Martin

This company’s defense revenue (in millions) is $50,536. This defense contractor is behind the famous F-35 fighter jet, which is the most expensive military project in history.

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4. Aviation Industry Corporation of China

Its defense revenue (in millions) is $24,902. It’s one of the largest companies with its over half a million employees, and with more than a hundred subsidiaries and 27 listed countries.

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3. General Dynamics

Its defense revenue (in millions)is $24,055. It’s among the largest contractors, and it was behind the most well-known fighter jet of all the time: the F-16.

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2. Northrop Grumman

Northtrop Grumman is the second contractor in this compilation with its defense Revenue (in millions) of $25,300. It develops high tech products for the military.

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1. Boeing

Defense Revenue (in millions) is $34,050. Boeing has gained the first place on this of the  14 top defense contractors in the world in 2020, as it can boast a grown of 66% in the past year. This company is mainly knwon for its airplanes, but it also manufactures experimental aircraft, bomber aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, among many other products.


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