Top 15 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World

Here’s a new article about the  top 15 agricultural producing countries in the world from Insider Monkey’s compilation. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the world economy. Now, as we had to face with a severe pandemic, caused by COVID-19, we could see what it means if every industry stops operating. We had to stay at home among the four walls, and we did worry about the agriculture this year. In the last few years we have had to cope with extreme weather circumstances that threaten the crop. What’s more, this year has been awfully worrying because of the coronavirus. I live in Europe, and the borders were closed, so those farmers who have lands in the neighbor country couldn’t cultivate them. It was not enough, April was extremely hot, like a summer month, while  it was raining for the whole of May. Once everthing germed in April, then they were winter-killed in May. The prices of vegetables and fruit are in the sky, while millions of people lost their jobs. Plum, apricote, cherry and pear trees were completely winter-killed, and now one kg of apricote is more expensive than a kg of pork. The predictions say that it will be even worse, if the second act of the coronavirus strikes us.

If a country has a strong agriculture, it will be able to develop its infrastructure more, and will have a stable economy. Now, as the whole world is struggling with the negative impact of the pendemic, agriculture is much more essential than ever before. Therefore, let’s have a short view into the top 15 agricultural producing countries in the world currently!

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15. Indonesia

Total Production in 2019 – 13.55 million metric tonnes

Bali is not only an amazing tourist attraction, but its rice cultivation gives its main export, as well as, vanilla, cocoa, palm oil and coffee.

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14. South Africa

Total Production in 2019 – 14.39 million metric tonnes

South Africa’s cereal producing stands on the fifth place in the world, that makes its spot on this list.

13. Ethiopia

Total Production in 2019 – 16.7 million metric tonnes

After tough times and lack of proper infrastructure Ethiopia grows large quantity of maize, cotton, and Arabica type coffee.

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12. Italy

Total Production in 2019 – 17 million metric tonnes

Italy is a wonderful home of the large olive oil plantations, and vineyards, that brought the 12th spot to this country on our list.

11. Nigeria

Total Production in 2019 – 19.92 million metric tonnes

Rice os the main export for Nigeria, and naturally they consume a lot from it, too. Also Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the world.

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10. United Kingdom

Total Production in 2019 – 27.27 million metric tonnes

Besides other things, organic farming and bio-fuels production are presently the biggest opportunities to the United Kingdom.


Total Production in 2019 – 29.41 million metric tonnes

Romania contributes to the world agriculture with maize that means the number one export for this country, too.

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8. Germany

Total Production in 2019 – 47.19 million metric tonnes

Germany produces lots of vegetables and grains, such as cereals, wheat, barley and so on. Its total production deserved the eighth entry today.

7. Russia

Total Production in 2019 – 53.73 million metric tonnes

We are half way on our list of  top 15 agricultural producing countries in the world, and here comes Russia on the seventh spot. The largest quantity is grown from wheat and barley.  

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6. France

Total Production in 2019 – 76.46 million metric tonnes

The quantity of sugar beets makes France be on our list. Another large export comes from producing cheese, and actually they make 350 varieties of it!

5. India

Total Production in 2019 – 88.94 million metric tonnes

India was the breadbasket of the United Kingdom for a long time. Now it’s got the 5th place on our list with its pulses, rice and wheat growing.

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4. Argentina

Total Production in 2019 – 120.63 million metric tonnes

Argentina grows the most of the soybean in the world, and of the largest exporter of wool.

3. Brazil

Total Production in 2019 – 230.38 million metric tonnes

When it comes to agriculture, Brazil is in the top 3. The main three productions of this country are coffe, sugar and orange juice.

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2. China

Total Production in 2019 – 230.38 million metric tonnes

All of us could be sure that China would end up somewhere next to the top on this list. It provides almost the 50% of the vegetable supplies in the world, with a jawdropping 500 million tonnes.

1. United States

Total Production in 2019 – 513.74 million metric tonnes

I don’t think it would be surprising that the United States is on the first place of  top 15 agricultural producing countries in the world. Agriculture of the United States is extremely strong, as it can boast with the largest quantities of sorghum and corn in the world. Farms contribute to the country’s economy with an amazing $100 billion!

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