Top 15 Cities With Highest Human Trafficking in the World

We already talked about the most relevant facts regarding human trafficking in the US and India, but we never said anything about top 15 cities with highest human trafficking in the world.

I will always claim that human trafficking is an even bigger problem than raping and killing. Both of them are a lot rarer and even though I would never wish the worst enemy to be raped, one fact still stands: it happens once in most cases. But the victims of human trafficking are exposed every day for all kinds of different tortures.


Pixabay/Public domain

There are many ways of people becoming these kinds of victims. One of them is, of course, opened kidnapping on the street. This is why I am scared as hell when I see vans. In the place I live in, the most frequent way of kidnapping people was taking them in a white van and driving them to some unknown location.

The second and easiest way is to make fools out of innocent people. I watched the show about this a few months back. A guy posted a job ad and promised people to take them somewhere abroad to work. Some of the applicants were promised to become dancers, some were promised to be babysitters, some of them were promised to be cleaning and watching seniors etc. They all gave their passports when they were asked because they had to pass the border and they ended up in some strip club far away from the places they lived in. A man who was a leader told them that they had to work their bus tickets so they will dance for money for two days before they continue their trip. And they never went abroad. It turns out that they were supposed to be used as dancers and prostitutes and they were sold from one man to another.  It is a very educative show that everyone with the good stomach should see. It is called ’Sisters’. It is the Serbian show but it has titles so it won’t be that hard to understand what is going on.

I went a bit out of topic. This issue exists in every country. It exists in every town. But still, there are more recorded cases in some places, which makes them more dangerous than the others. To see what those places are, click on top 15 cities with highest human trafficking in the world.

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