Top 15 Gayest Cities in the World

Are you a member of the LGBT community looking for a place where no one will judge you and you will be able to have completely normal life and equality? Check out these top 15 gayest cities in the world.

Although we live in the 21st century, being a part of the LGBT community doesn’t seem to meet all of the safety and tolerance as people would imagine it would. People don’t accept it and, in most cases, they don’t see the members of the LGBT community as the equal citizens who deserve the same rights as they do and that they are persons and should be appreciated or unaccepted in the crowd, not because of their sexual orientation but based on their personality.

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I had a very good friend in high school. I enjoyed spending time with him and going around, but my other peers hated him for it. His best friend was straight and in some cases had trouble finding a girlfriend because everyone believed that two of them were the couple, which wasn’t true. His best friend suffered during the whole high school period but remained next to him the entire time, not giving anyone a chance to bully the gay guy. That was the friendship that I always admired, but, at the same time, it makes me sad that, even though the city I live in is so economically and industrially evolved, but as far as the LGBT community is concerned, people living in this city are obviously still living in some rural area.
Everyone judged the book only by its covers, and his cover was being gay. He was still a kid and it could have affected him really bad, but fortunately, he was beyond everyone’s expectations and he is now more successful than any of his peers who made fun or avoided him. He got the degree in computer science, god many awards in this field and is now successfully working in a big company, while many other big companies are scouting him. As it turned out, his cover wasn’t being attracted by people of the same gender, but his brain that was so developed that he could accomplish everything and he gave his best not to disappoint himself. And he did it.

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual isn’t being good and bad. It just being a person with a different sexual orientation that we are thought of. But it also means feeling uncomfortable being in your own body and misunderstood by people from your surroundings. Sometimes, even being the big disappointment for your parents, which isn’t fair. They thought you to be a good and responsible person and, if you are, who cares who do you love? It should just be important that the person you are seeing isn’t someone who wants to ruin your life or use you. Just like if you were straight. If you are happy, your parents should be happy as well.

I have to admit, I am only saying that because of my LGBT friends, but I can’t guarantee that I would be satisfied if one of my children came to introduce me to their date who is the same gender. I can’t know that for sure and I also believe that I would be sad. So if your parents don’t approve you being gay, don’t feel stressed immediately. Take a look at their side as well. This isn’t a small thing, at least not for now and it is very hard for parents to admit it.

But there are places where being gay is completely normal and acceptable. In these places, no one is expecting from you to get a date that is the different gender. Actually, no one has any expectations. It is only important that you are happy no matter who you are with. Places where you don’t have to prepare yourself and your friends and family physically and mentally to get out of the closet. Places where you are able to get the decent job in your profession, have neighbor’s children play around you without any fear, get your own apartment, and have kids, and have people around you, who are happy for you. To find out what these places are, check out top 15 gayest cities in the world by Insider Monkey.

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