Top 16 Best German Soccer Players of All Time

Who are the best German soccer players of all the time? Keep reading Insider Monkey’s latest compilation! German national team has won four Fifa World Cups, and three UEFA European Championships with some of the best German soccer players of all time scoring on them, as you will see later on Insider Monkey’s list. In Germany, as in many places around the globe, soccer is among the (if not THE) most popular sports. That can be seen in figures: German Football Association ( DFB – Deutscher Fussball-Bund) has around 6.5 million members! This number includes around 25,000 clubs and around 170,000 teams nationwide. That makes it among the world’s largest football associations. And of course, we should mention Bundesliga, a league comprising of 18 teams, being one of the most important  German competitions, and one of the most popular worldwide as well.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the best German soccer players of all the time from their list.

The first one is Manuel Neuer. Neuer is one of Germany’s best goalkeepers, and being a relatively young and promising player he also deserves a place among the top best German soccer players of all time. He had won the World’s Best Goalkeeper award three years in a  row (2014-2016). He is currently playing with Bayern Munich (with 190 appearances there) and for the national team (with 74 appearances). The second player should be Karl-Heinz Schnellinger. As most of the audience’s favorite players, Schnellinger also had a nickname for his extraordinary playing characteristics, he was known as “Volkswagen.” He played on the position of defender. As a young player, he was awarded the German Footballer of the year playing with 1. FC Koln (when he was 23 years old). He retired from football completely in the seventies. Jürgen Kohler is the third soccer player for today. Kohler was one of the best German soccer players of all time, playing on a position of defender he was one of the best on this position. After he finished his active playing career, he continued managing clubs such as Germany U-21, VfR Aalen, and currently, he is the manager of SC Hauenstein. For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about top 16 best German soccer players of all the time.

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