Top 20 Most Stressful Jobs in America

If you want to enjoy your job, you definitely want to avoid top most stressful jobs in America, but first, you need to know which ones are they.

Usually, the hardest jobs in the world are the most stressful ones. First of all, those most stressful jobs usually require a lot of studying and practice before you even have the chance to earn some money on them. Second, men on these positions have more duties and responsibilities than any other profession, which makes them overwhelmed.

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On the other hand, hardest jobs in America are usually the ones that pay the best and that is the excuse of the majority of people when someone asks them why wouldn’t they choose some less stressful jobs.

We became too greedy and it seems to me that our love towards money became stronger than our love for ourselves. All of us are witnesses of horrible things that stress can cause to people but instead of putting our health first, we still decide to go after higher positions and higher salaries, aware of what will most likely happen to us.

Many wise people said that we were creators of our own destinies. In that case, we are masochists that enjoy all the damage that stress causes us. In that case, we all enjoy the suffering we go through during our careers. In that case, we enjoy being taken away from our families because of all the duties we have at our jobs. We enjoy seeing our family going away from us because we either work from our houses after we come back from the long busy day at the office or go to sleep, alone, and all we want to do is not to see anyone. Are we really that closed-minded?

Some of these high-stress jobs are important to the whole community. Some of them, like surgeons, save people’s lives. On the other hand, there are low-paid, but highly stressful jobs like taxi drivers that serve neither to the community nor to themselves that much. I didn’t mean to insult by this statement, but people could walk a bit, don’t you think? And all of you, taxi drivers, spend the majority of your life driving around all kinds of people, from children to criminals and thieves and never know if you are going to get smugged. This isn’t the life for anyone.

Besides surgeons and taxi drivers, what is the stressful job as well?  Click on top 20 most stressful jobs in America to find out.

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