Top 25 Most Stressful Jobs in The World

We all live very stressful lives, work in stressful places, but before you start complaining about pulling your hair when you are at the office, check if the profession you’ve chosen is one of the top 25 most stressful jobs in the world.

No matter how much we love our dream jobs, there will always be something to annoy us. There will always be mornings when we wake up and hate our lives because we simply feel like staying in the bed and resting for the day. Instead, we have to brush our hair, put on some normal clothes, and go to work. Well, that’s the life. We need to live, ergo, we need food. To get some food, we need money. To get money, we need to go to work. So, get out of the bed! Or become a freelancer. There is still stress, there is still work, but you can stay in your pajamas and sleep during the break, no one cares.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Now, there is a sentence that my grandmother will use in this case: ‘’Your freelancing won’t last forever! It doesn’t take your child to college and won’t guarantee retirement for you! Get serious, young lady, and start looking for a decent job in some institution!’’  As you can see, stress since the early morning. At least I have my earbuds and I don’t need to listen to her from the early morning.

But, if I started working in some office, do you really think that there would be a chance for me to avoid any physical contact or turn on the music just to avoid listening to someone? I couldn’t even type down the whole sentence without laughing.

What would happen if I became more serious, as my grandmother requires? I study for a teacher and, after I get my degree, I can easily work in some school. So now, imagine how stressful that is. Yes, I am an idiot that decided to go with one of top 25 most stressful jobs in the world. It is my own fault. Let’s move on.

So, it is the early morning. I see the sun rising. I want to go out and play with my child or take a walk. No, there is a job waiting for them. I enter the school and there are my colleagues, all nervous and clumsy, hating their lives, and waiting the end of the school year. I take my material and go to the classroom where I am waited by the same people, just younger. Some of them are too quiet, some of them won’t listen, but look at their phones or put some makeup on, and some of them are waiting for the chance to yell just because they don’t have anything smart to do. That’s what I call stressing out! Besides teaching, there are jobs with more serious effects. Let’s see the whole list of top 25 most stressful jobs in the world.

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