Top 25 Richest, Healthiest, and Most Advanced Countries in the World

Now we have come with a great compilation of the richest, healthiest, and most advanced countries in the world. Follow us with reading Insider Monkey’s latest article. At first we should clear what advanced country means: advanced country is:  “characterized by large industrial and service sectors, high levels of gross national product and income per head.”  (Financial Dictionary) Having this in mind, countries such as the USA, Norway, Germany, Iceland, Israel, and Singapore would make the advanced countries list, as they all have well-developed economies.

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Emerging and developing countries try to follow the example of advanced countries by adopting the Western model of economic development. However, they have weaker industrial sector and lower GDP than advanced countries and hence do not constitute the same group. Low-income developing countries have a very poor economic performance and as such present a stark contrast to advanced countries.It is not only the statistical data on GDP and GDP per capita that matter when one is discussing the economies of advanced countries. High Index of Economic Freedom also suggests that the country is thriving. Anyway, the country that ranks the first on Insider Monkey’s list is absolutely not surprising for me. What I really sorry that my home country couldn’t get a place in the compilation, but it wasn’t a surprise for me, either. I hope we will be able to catch up with the other countries, so one day we could say we are in the 25 countries that are most advanced.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the richest, healthiest, and most advanced countries in the world from their list.

The first country is Italy. It is the healthiest country in the world, according to Bloomberg ranking. Italy seems to be doing well in terms of economy as its nominal GDP is 9th in the world, $ 1,807.425. The second country on our list now is France. Up next on our list of top 25 richest, healthiest, and most advanced countries in the world is France which is ranked 14th on Bloomberg list, with a health score of 90.93 and health risk penalties indicator of -5.34. At last, but not least we should check the numbers of Denmark. Denmark offers its citizens a possibility to live a high-quality life, and this reflects in its GDP per capita value, $ 52,871, securing it 10th position worldwide. The country is also considered to be 9th most prosperous in the world.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 25 richest, healthiest, and most advanced countries in the world.

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