Top 5 Agribusiness Companies In The World

Agriculture is among the most essential industries in the world, so let’s have a look at Insider Monkey’s latest compilation of the top 5 agribusiness companies in the world. The world is hungry, and this year is hungrier than it ever was before. As of 2020, when we have to struggle with a never-seen pandemic that reached every little corner of the globe, millions of people have lost their jobs across the earth, and hundreds of thousands of companies went bankcruptsy even large air companies. But everyone has to eat. Therefore agribusiness can’t stop. What meant a huge trouble for several industries, became a large advantage for agribusiness. As we could see in spring, prises of food went up week by week, although super- and hypermarkets were selling products of the last year. For instance the rice, you bought in the shop in spring, was harvested last year. While millions lost their jobs, the largest companies in the agribusiness became richer.

So what are these certain companies? At first here’s Nutrien, a Canada- based company, that earned $20 billion last year only. Actually it produces fertilizer, and you can find it on the first spot on list of the largest potash producing companies. DuPont is the next one with an incredible amount of  $86 billion in revenue in 2018. I bet you aren’t surprised that John Deere is also on the list, what’s more with a revenue of  $23.6 billion earned in 2019. Archer Daniels Midland can also boast with a jawdropping amount  of $64 billion in revenues. And yes, Cargill hits the top of the  top agribusiness companies in the world in 2020. It had a revenue of a total $113 billion in 2018. These large companies hallmark and control the market, and without a shadow of a doubt, they are all in a great position in the world. Their revenue will increase in this pandemic-stricken world, as the prices of the agricultural products are continuously going up. Therefore we don’t need to feel pity for their little loss in revenues, as they will be able to compensate it very soon.

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