Top 5 Cities with the Most Overall Drug Use

Today we are discussing the top 5 cities with the most overall drug use published by Insider Monkey lately. Using drugs is not a new thing, it has a sad. long-standing tradition in every country. But for example it reached the ex-communist countries only at the end of that regime, so in East Europe drugs hasn’t been present for a long time. Luckily there is no-one in my family who would use drugs, and as for me I have never tried it, and I don’t think I have missed something. I believe that’s the problem many times, people think they have to try everything that turns up in their life, but the drugs can be stronger than you. Many say alcohol is as dangerous as drugs, and I think it’s true.u Just the alcohol is legal, but it has ruined hundreds of thousands of families. Due to alcohol, marriages went wrong, people became homeless and carriers broke in two. But those, who consume too much alcohol, or use drugs, don’t recognize the dangers and they deludes themselves they give it up any time. But generally the drugs are stronger.

Now, let’ see the the cities with the most overall drug use. At first, here is Wichita, where cocaine is the most used drug, followed by meth and at last heroin. Then we can see Mesa in the list, with cocaine being the first one, then meth and heroin in the end. Tulsa, which is a beautiful city, can’t boast with its results, as lots of people use cocaine, meth and unfortunately heroin, too. What about Oklahoma City? It has some dirty stats as well, as people tend to consume too much of the following drugs, such as cocine, meth and heroin. Omaha is the winner of the miserable list of the top 5 cities with the most overall drug use. Consequently, if you consider moving and starting a new life, you should avoid these cities, especially if you have children. If you haven’t tried drugs, do not start it, and keep in mind: it’s much easier not to start than try to give it up!


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