Top 6 Unfiltered Cigarette Brands in America

Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting things about the top unfiltered cigarettes brands in America. Have you ever tried unfiltered cigarettes? Or perhaps you smoke unfiltered ones? Now, you can find the best ones in one list.

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As for me, I tried cigarette when I was five, I think. My elder brother encouraged me, and we smoked from our father’s cigarettes. It was horrible. I coughed, my eyes were in tears. Smoking can cause lung cancer, and many other serious and fatal diseases.  In addition, their advertising has decreased compared to previous years, as well as the sales rate, according to Federal Trade Commission Cigarettes Report from 2013. However, even though the public is well introduced with anti-smoking campaigns and movements, there are still a big number of smokers all over the world. I am afraid I smoke, too. It is very interesting because I began smoking only three years ago. I smoke menthol flavored cigarettes, which is eventually the most popular flavor. But what about the top unfiltered ones in America?

Before the 1950s, unfiltered cigarettes were the only choice for smokers. When the public was introduced with many diseases caused by smoking, especially lung cancer, cigarette companies made a shift in design and created filters. Their initial purpose was health protection of a smoker, by reducing tar and nicotine intake while inhaling. The filter firstly consisted of asbestos, material that is non-flammable and insoluble. Later it was shown as the main cause of lung cancer, and that is why now filters are made of cellulose acetate, which is the same material that we use for making camera film. Even though filters really do reduce nicotine and tar while inhaling, filtered cigarettes are not proven healthier than filterless ones.

We have picked two brands from Insider Monkey’s list: Natural American Spirit and Pyramid. Nicotine content of Natural American Spirit is 2.73 mg. It is definitely the strongest brand of cigarette in the USA, with nicotine of 2.73 mg and tar 27.9 mg. Its cigarettes are brown, full flavored and additive free. They contain only high-quality premium tobacco and you can buy them in soft yellow packages. Pyramid’s nicotine content is 1.7mg. This brand has a high percentage of tar (24 mg) and also carbon monoxide of 19 mg. It was introduced to America in 1988 as the first ‘branded discount’ cigarettes. They are manufactured by Liggett Group Inc. in North Carolina and they are among cheapest cigarettes brands in the States. From 2006, there are many versions, and today you can find 11 different kinds.

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about top 6 unfiltered cigarette brands in America

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