Top 9 Best Places For A Single Mom To Live And Work In 2020

If you are a single mom and are planning to move to a better place, follow our compilation of the  best places for single moms to live and work in 2020. It’s hard to be a single mother, struggling with paying the bills alone, raising your children, while trying to find them the beset education, and the best environment. Now we are here to help you with this list, as Insider Monkey have made a great research for us.

Of course there are women who change their place of living easily, while others find it difficult. Nevertheless, once you are a mother, you always seek the better opportunities to raise your kids, as we all want them to have better life than we do. When I had kids, I immediately began to think where to move from the city center, yet I could earn enough money to have a good living standard.

Single mothers have to face with lots of challanges, especially when the neighborhood is dangerous because of violence, drugs, and other social evils. Therefore many of them consoder moving to a smaller city or town with better job prospects, cheap rental prices, less inxpensive annual childcare costs, better secuirty, and so on.

Now we have listed you best places for single moms to live and work by the compilation of Insider Monkey, so if you are planning to change your city – check it out with us!

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9. Tallahassee, Florida

The average annual salary is $37,000 which is not too high, while the annual childcare is pretty low: $9,018. Around 78% of married women are empleyed which shows great opporunity for those who move here. Women can work industries such as:  healthcare, trade-transportation & logistics, and hospitality.

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8. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Women’s median annual salary is  $50,074, while the childcare costs $15,704 a year. Around 78% of women are employed here, and the avarege workweek is 40 hours long.

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7. Orange, California

Orange is the first city in California on our list now. Women work 40 hours a week, and the annual childcare is $16,542. They can work in business, tourism, healthcare, professional services, finance and IT.

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6. Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa, like Oakland is very close to San Fransisco, so if you find a workplace in the city, you don’t need to worry as a shorter commit will be enough. The average median salary of the women is $48,167, while the annual childcare is around $16,000. Women usuallay work 40 hours a week, in industries such as education, government services, healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing.

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5. San Francisco

It’s also in California, and it’s among the best cities for single mothers. They can earn  $76,500 as a median annual salary, and only 5.1% of them are unemployed. The average working week includes 44.5 hours, while the childcare costs $16,542. Women can choose workplaces in social & digital media, professional services, IT, biotech, and international business.

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4. Oakland

It’s in the proximity to San Fransisco, and it means that you can ejoy the living in this city, but can commut to San Fransisco if you find work there. Women can earn $56,991 as a median annual salary. They work 42,7 hours a week. 3.1% of mothers are unemployed in Oakland, while the average childcare costs $16,542 annually. Mothers cvan work in hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, and State government.

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3. Lexington

You can find the lowest annual childcare here, as it costs only $6,258, but the average income of women is also lower: $40,713 a year. Only 2,5% of mothers don’t have workplaces, while 789% of the married women are employed in this city. Women generally work 40 hours per week in industries such as manufacturing,  local government and education.

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2. Madison

Madison got the second place on our list now. The average salary here is  $48,243, only 2.6% of the mothers are unemployed, and the 82.3% of the married mothers are employed in thsi state. Women work 37.3 hours a week generally, and the annual childcare costs them  $12,268. Wemon have workplaces in various industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and  information technology.

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1. Arlington

Arlington is in the neighborhood to Washington D.C., so you can live outside the city, enjoy the advantages of a town, but yet you can have a job in Washington with shorter or longer commuting. The average income is about $76,438 annually here. Only 2.% of the mothers are unemployed in Arlington, and 77.3% of the married mothers are employed, which is a great statistics. Women generally work 44 hours a week, and the average childcare costs $13,728 a year. Women can find work in various  industries, such as education, medical technology, non-profit management, cybersecurity, and media and publishing.

This was our compilation about 9 best places for a single mom to live and work in 2020, we hope you could find a great place to live in.


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