Top 9 Cities with Highest Uninsured Rates in America

Today we have brought and interesting, stats based article from Insider Monkey, the top 9 cities with the highest uninsured rates in America. Insurance is extremely important, especially in these stormy days, saturated with COVID-19. In the last few months large number of people have lost their jobs, and their insurance at the same time.

Governemnts across the globe promised some kind of help to people and companies, in order to the industry and economy could rehabilitate. What will happen in the future nobody knows – but we all hope that people who don’t have jobs and salaries now, can find work and can get insurances again. This is a sad list now, for which I really don’t know what else I could add.

You will see astonishing large percent of uninsured people in this compilation and I hope the local governments will be able to help them. Now without a further ado, let’s take a look at the top 9 cities with the highest uninsured rates in America. We will start with number 9:

9. Tampa, FL

In Tampa,  23.6% of people don’t possess any insurances.

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8. Santa Ana, CA

What is the situation in Santa Ana? Well, according to the stats, 25.5% of people in Santa Ana are uninsured.

7. Fort Worth, TX

Now let’s see the stats of Fort Worth. There are 26.1% uninsured people.

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6. Dallas, TX

Dallas has a rates of 29.4% of uninsured people.

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5. Corpus Christi, TX

We are half way on our list of top 9 cities with the highest uninsured rates in America, and Corpus Christi really deserves its place with its 29.4% .

4. Houston, TX

The number of uninsured people is quite surprising in Houston as it’s  30.5%.

3. San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is on the third spot now with its 30.4% of people living without insurances.

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2. El Paso, TX

If we check out the stats we can see that 33.9% of people in El Paso are uninsured.

1. Miami, FL

Miami hits the top on the list of the top 9 cities with the highest uninsured rates in America. According to Insider Monkey’s investigation, 35.4% of people in Miami are uninsured.


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