Top 9 Human Trafficking Cities in the World in 2019

Approaching to end of the year we usually summarize what has happened this year; bad and good things as well – now we have come with an astonishing article – top 9 human trafficking cities in the world in 2019 from Insider Monkey. We may nurse hopes optimistically that human nature will improve as the time goes on. We don’t live in the Middle Ages any more, we don’t torture women, just because we think they are witches. We take care of children, giving them as beautiful childhood as we can, their rights are declared and they don’t have to live in fears any longer. But the sorrowful reality is that the rights of children, women, refugees are vainly declared. There are so many battle-scared region in the world, where the rights are nothing worth, alike lives are nothing. Millions of people are trafficked and forced to do things they don’t want to day by day, and there are countries where the governements do completely nothing. They just turn away when it comes to human trafficking.

We hardly need to tell you that human trafficking occurs everywhere, there is no country on the earth, which is not involved in it. Insider Monkey have investigated with the help of trafficking statistics that the number of criminal activity is continually growing, which is in connection with the human trafficking. Victims are forced to commit crimes, or there is another infamous type of trafficking – sex trafficking.

If you ask yourselves how you can help to stop human trafficking – well, the response is simple, and in other respects it’s not. Everybody should notice the warning signs and notify authorities, for instance police. Children who were kidnapped and forced to beg, often try to ask for help in the streets. But people either don’t believe them or they don’t want to get involved in these situation, which is understandable of course, however the police can be notified anonimously as well. What is sure we mustn’t turn away if we are witnesses.

On the other hand there are millions of cases where we aren’t able to help, just because – these cases happen in countries far away. For example in African countries, and I think you won’t be surprised if we say that there are several African countries on this list.

So, without a further ado, we are showing you the top 9 human trafficking cities in the world in 2019. This article is not only a list article, which is thrilling while being read, but also it is also a warning if you visit one if these countries you should be very cautious, especially if you are a female, because they are the most common victims, and the ‘best selling article’ in black markets.

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9. Khartoum, Sudan

You will see, that several African countries are on the list, and Sudan is the first one in the row. Khartoum has a shameful statistics, the number of the child soldiers is one of the highest in the world here.

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8. Brazzaville, Congo

Brazzaville is the capital of Congo, and is on this list, too. The children trafficking and exploitation has decreased, but nobody knows some effort has been done to sstop it, or just the traffickers have been more tricky to disguise themselves better.

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7. Bujumbura, Burundi

It’s a shameful fact the government of Burundi haven’t charged anyone of human trafficking for three years. It’s really thought-provoking, right? That’s why this city has got its well-deserved place on this list.

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6. Bata, Equatorial Guinea

Unfortunately the government and the country close their eyes and turn away when human trafficking comes into the limelight, although they should have solve this shocking situation, and they should help victims.

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5. Tehran, Iran

Now we are half way on this list of top 9 human trafficking cities in the world in 2019. Traffickers force the victims to break the law, but it’s the victims himself, who is found guilty of the ofenses.

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4. Bangui, Central African Republic

In Bangui expoiting child soldiers is the biggest issue and all the efforts done seem to be ineffective to stop this terrific situtation. No-one has been charged of for all these, which is a shame.

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3. Asmara, Eritrea

Here’s the third city on this shameful list: Asmara, where the forced labor is the biggest problem. Nobody knows how many people have already disappeared here.

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2. Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli is one of the center of the migrant and refugee camps, this city is also a main target for the traffickers, since it’s very easy to abuse those who flee from something terrible. Very often, the traffickers make the victims believe they are UN representatives.

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1. Pyongyang, North Korea

And at last, but not least here we have got to the top of the 9 human trafficking cities in the world in 2019. It’s absolutely not surprising that this city won the terrible and shameful first place on our list, as North Korea was declared the worst human trafficking country for the 16th time in a row!

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