Top 9 Shipping Companies in the World in 2020

Today we will read about one of the oldest industries in the world: the shipping industry. Insider Monkey has made a great research work tos how us the  top 9 shipping companies in the world 2020. Shipping is not only the most important, but probably the oldest industry, too. Supposing that it would collapse, how would we get the even the most basic ncessities? Almost every each of articles comes by ship, and if we think over how many goods we order from various online websites, such as Wish, Aliexpress, Amazon, Vova – just to name few, we wouldn’t be able to receive them if there weren’t shipping companies.

This year we could experience how big trouble it would be, as due to the COVID-19 virus, our articles didn’t arrive from Asia. We had to see, what would happen if shipping wasn’t available any more. It was a tremendous drop from feeling everything is OK, to seeing what a tiny virus can do with our world. No articles ordered from foreigner countries, no meeting others, no socializing, nothing.

But let’s turn back the largest shipping companies. Did you know that the largest ship can hold 18,000 containers? Well, believe it, or not – it’s true! It’s equivalent to 745 million bananas! Although its engine is hundreds of times more powerful than an average ship’s, it can’t go very fast, only with 23 knots (23,5 miles per hour), that’s why it needs two weeks for fou to get your articles.

Now, without any delay, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us about the top 9 shipping companies in the world in 2020.

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9. PIL (Pacific International Line)

PIL was formed in 1967, on those times it had only two ships, and by now it’s one of the largest shipping companies in Singapore, with its 18,000 employees.

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8. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp.

Its headquarters are in Taiwan, and the company was launched in 1972, and now it possesses more than a hundred container ships, and it provides services to more than 70 countries.

7. Evergreen Line

Evergreen Line is based in Taiwan, and got the seventh place, as it provides services in  80 countries with over 240 ports globally and over 150 ships in its fleet.

6. ONE (Ocean Network Express)

Amazingly, it was formed only in 2017, and right off it is pne of the largest shipping comapny in the world! Its headquarters are in Japan, and it has employees and has offices in over 90 countries now.

5. Hapag-Lloyd

We are half way on our list of top 9 shipping companies in the world 2020, and the fifth place is for Hapag-Lloyd. It was launched in 1970, due to the fusion of two German companies. Both of these companies had long standing tradition then, as they were formed in the mid-1800s.

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4. CMA CGM Group

It is a French company with 200 shipping routes, having 420 ports in 150 countries. It can boas with more than $16 billion of revenue.

3. COSCO Group

This company is one of China largest shipping company, with having more than one thousand sips, and being in around one thousans ports.

2. Mediterranean Shipping Company

It is a Swiss-Italian based company that has offices in all the main ports across the globe. Surprisingly, it has a whole department tp provide people with cruise across the seas and oceans.

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1. APM-Maersk

And now, here we are at the first place of the top 9 shipping companies in the world 2020This noble place is given to APM-Maersk. It’s a Danish company that can boast with a revenue of  $39 billion. APM-Maersk owns offices in 130 countries, and it has about  80,000 employees altogether.

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