12 Unhealthiest Countries in The World

Being healthy is one of the most important things in the world, so do you think that you live in the “healthy” country and what do you think which are the unhealthiest countries in the world? Around half of the world’s population or 3 billion people, are below the poverty line, earning less than $2.50 daily. Poverty brings with it a slew of problems; not least is the lack of access to sanitation and health care, which in turn leads to severe long-term issues.

One of the unhealthiest countries in the world is Ukraine because the obesity rate in this country is over 50 percent. Cigarettes are a way of life in Ukraine, so there is a big number of heart attacks. Another very unhealthy country is Kuwait. The number of cigarettes per adult is 1.517,23. Did you know that Fiji is also a very unhealthy country? Life expectancy is 69.9 years, and the number of cigarettes per adult is 617.69. One of the biggest problems of unhealthy countries is obesity. A large number of obese people live in the world and a large number of obese people of all colors of skin and race. What is, of course, worrying is a significant number of obese children and youth. It can not be noticed that everybody is driving in a car, both in long and short distances. If you look at restaurants, there are large portions; there are plenty of dishes on dishes (which increase appetite), eat a lot of fat and many drink soda and sweet drinks, and beer and wine in massive quantities. The obesity epidemic is also increasing in our door because if we look at passersby in our cities and villages, we will see that there are more obese or moderately obese children, more and more girls with thick legs and hips, and guys with “beer stomachs.” If this trend continues, current children and youth will be very obese adults in five to ten years and will have serious problems with their health. Another problem is a big number of smokers in the world. Despite decades of anti-smoking campaigns, due to population growth, the number of smokers has also increased, experts say. Mortality could grow further because the tobacco industry is more and more aggressively advertising cigarettes in new markets.

If you want to see more about the unhealthiest countries in the world, check Insider’s Monkey list of 12 Unhealthiest Countries in The World and find out more about this interesting topic.

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