11 Best Bread, Pie, Pastry, and Cupcake Baking Classes in NYC

Culinary fans often go to cooking classes to learn more about baking and cooking, but have you ever thought about what are te best bread, pie, pastry and cupcake baking classes in NYC? Baking is an art of cooking when there is no direct exposure to heat and done in an enclosed tool like an oven.

Le Pain Quotidien’s Bleecker St Bakery is one of the best cupcake baking class in NYC. They offer a $100 per person bread baking class. It’s a 3-hour class with about ten people. The Brooklyn-based small company, Pie Corps Sweet & Savory, was based on the idea that everyone loves pie. Sur La Table sells cookware and other tools for cooking and baking. They also offer a pastry class where you can learn to bake things like french macarons.

Today more and more people go to cooking classes to learn more about cooking and to fascinate their friends. Culinary education in the United States is a relatively new idea about culinary education in Europe. Charles Ranhoffer, the chef of the first fine dining restaurant Delmonico’s, published a national magazine called “Chef” in 1898 which included one of the first calls to establish a training school for cooks in the United States. Until this point, Ranhoffer had been looking to Europe to determine his staffing difficulties. However, it started to be too expensive and too much work. In 1911, the United States promoted a system similar to the European one, in which apprentices would have to complete a 6,000-hour work responsibility to become approved as a chef. The first significant private cooking school in America was the Boston Cooking School, which was founded in 1877. One of the most notable was the creation of The Culinary Institute of America in 1946. The Culinary Institute of America brought about a new way to better teach culinary professionals, by teaching students the theory behind their future work.

If you want to see what are the best bread, pie, pastry, and cupcake baking classes in NYC, check Insider Monkey’s list of 11 Best Bread, Pie, Pastry, and Cupcake Baking Classes in NYC and after reading this article, you will definitely decide to take these baking classes.


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