WHO Suicide and Depression Statistics by 11 Countries

With the WHO suicide and depression statistics by 11 countries, we might find some solution to this global problem that we are facing each day and hopefully, reduce these numbers by the end of 2020.

Depression is the biggest problem that every nation is dealing with. Unfortunately, no one is treating themselves right because, in most cases, physicians recommend anti-depressives that people find addictive. Besides that, most of the anti-depressives make people sleepy and, by taking them, they admit that they have some issue, and the truth is, no one finds their depression that serious.

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Most of us believe that our depression is related to some specific event and, as soon as the whole dust is down, we would feel much better and forget about it. The truth is, we never will. Just because we have too much work to do, have chores around the house, and friends to hang out with, it doesn’t mean that we will be fine. Sometimes, we can use some medical advice even though the treatment doesn’t sound right.

Taking the pills don’t make you crazy. It just means that you are helping yourself survive. Depression might not lead to the suicide such as jumping off a building, cliff, or a bridge or taking too many pills at once, but by ignoring the symptoms, you are allowing your body to destroy itself. Depression leads to serious mental and physical conditions as well, and you are committing a suicide by just giving up.

Even though you feel you are strong enough, it doesn’t mean that people around you are too. There are at least 2 suicide per a day on the daily basis and there is no guarantee that none of these people are from the same country you live in or even from the same neighborhood. While you are reading this, your next door neighbor might be deciding to give up on his life. And although you might think that the suicide is most frequent in poor and least developed countries, in contrary, people living in those countries have greater wish to survive than the ones living in the country that makes you think that you can have it all.

Suicide and depression are also very common among teenagers because this is the period when they are supposed to discover who they actually are. Unfortunately, some of them get bullied at school because the number of different things, or at home for not getting the better results in school.

Although the rate of women who tend to kill suicide is higher than the rate of men, the death is more frequent among men. Why is that? First of all, women tend to think twice before they leave everyone behind. They tend to think about their parents, spouses, children, friends, while most of the men commit suicide because of debts that they actually leave to their family after they are dead. Besides that, it is discovered that women who try to commit suicide are usually saved because they use weaker means for it such as pills, jumping off a bridge when there is no guarantee that they would remain dead, or similar things, while men use means that will lead to immediate death such as guns. Unfortunately, people who find them deal with greater shock than they deserved and their loved ones are left to suffer and blame themselves for something that they actually had nothing to do with.

So let’s save our people. How? Well, the first step could at least be reading about WHO suicide and depression statistics by 11 countries and we could decide on the way what to do next.

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