10 Famous Albert Einstein Quotes on Education

School has begun and it is the perfect time for 10 famous Albert Einstein quotes on education.

We all know Albert Einstein for his theory of relativity and the funny hair, but, unlike the most scientists that only focus on their experiments and research, Albert Einstein had a bit wider views. Some of his quotes are considered the legacy for all generations, while there are the ones that are inherited from the folk tradition without even mentioning the real author. No matter what, his quotes can easily be used as people’s motto in the hardest and most doubtful times.

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Even though there were a lot of theories in the last decade that were aiming to prove that the majority of Albert Einstein’s revelations were actually his wife’s, Mileva’s. According to them, the only reason Albert Einstein took all the credits instead of her is that in time they lived in, women weren’t that appreciated in science and not all the innovations that were published under the Albert Einstein’s name would be as respected as the other Einstein’s signature was on them. I guess we’ll never know the truth, won’t we?

Besides having a funny hair, the theory of relativity, and his marriage to Mileva, what else do we know about this wise little man? We already discussed his 40 best quotes on life, education, and God where we talked about his life and the risk he could take if he and his wife weren’t smart enough to move from his homeland before Hitler took over Berlin. You see, Einstein was a Jew, and no matter how useful he might be to the German army and Hitler himself, there were the slightest chances that he would live long enough to see the end of the Hitler’s occupation.

Luckily for them, they have already moved to the US when the war started and escaped the bullet. During that time, they both lived a happy life experimenting and researching the laws of physics and fulfilled the science books before their deaths. For more clearer picture of Albert Einstein’s life before and after the Hitler’s occupation, you could check my previous post, but now, it is time for his thoughts regarding the education. Unlike other scientists that either saw education as the obstacle for people to develop their own thoughts and improve their views or as the only way to become greater, Einstein managed to see the both aspects and here are the 10 famous Albert Einstein quotes on education.

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