13 Pottery Classes in Brooklyn and Queens

If you live in these parts of the New York, here are 13 pottery classes in Brooklyn and Queens that you might enjoy.

We talked recently about pottery classes for couples, but what about singles? Is pottery suitable for them as well? Of course, it is. Like every other art in this world.

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Since I have watched the ’Ghost’ movie for the first time, I wanted to try myself in pottery. It is very marvelous, even for watchers. The way that the argil moves through the fingers while the wheel is spinning, the shapes that it becomes by just slowly moving your hands, and even the baking. If the oven has a glass, of course.

Unfortunately, the nearest I have ever been to the pottery was painting it in elementary school. It was a project that the whole school did. Most of us got mugs and plates and our assignment was to paint them any way we wanted. I wasn’t that great artist, but our teacher told us a secret: all the stains could be brushed away if we do it at the right time. And so I did it. I made quite a mess in the classroom and, as soon as I got home, I washed away all the paint and left my cup to dry until the weekend. The next class was on Wednesday, so I had plenty of time to play and experiment. But two days later, my cup has gone missing. It turned out that my mother took it, brought it with herself at work, and asked one of her colleagues to paint it because the woman was a true artist. So, there I was, standing in the room, disappointed and with the brush in my hand, waiting for my cup to be returned.

To be honest, I didn’t really like it that much. The woman made it vintage, while I had something a bit less traditional in my mind. But the damage was done. They already painted it over with whatever substance and there was no going back. Besides, it was already time for me to bring it back to school and I couldn’t lie about losing it. On the bright side, the teacher loved it, but another teacher caught me in the lie and knew that I had help. I hated it. Not because my mom took it, I know she had the best intentions, but the fact that two of them took away that pleasure from me. So I said, the next time I see some class teaching pottery, I would be the first person assigning it. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near New York City, but if you do, and love the pottery as much as I do, there are 13 pottery classes in Brooklyn and Queens that you should attend. Click on it and book one now!

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