9 Best Selling Products Door-to-Door

We have already talked about 10 best selling products in 2016 and now we will take a look at 9 best selling products door-to-door.

Just for reminders and the future comparison, the best selling products last year were perfumes, video games, music CDs, Books, Drinks,  medicines, mobile phones, cars, oil and gas, and chocolate bars.
Surprisingly, the only items that match are the books and cookies and chocolate bars if you are a 7-years-old girl scout.

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But first things first, how to be a door-to-door or traveling seller? Having a good product to sell isn’t enough. You can’t just barge in someone’s house with a big box or tons of prospects and expectations for products to sell by themselves. You need to be pleasant and interesting and you should know every aspect of the product you are selling and, most important of all, you need to be persuasive and confident.

Three years ago, I got a job in one of the strongest insurance companies in the city where I live in. But my job wasn’t the office work, but the door-to-door that I hated the most. I always knew what to say because my grandparents bought almost every product that was offered by travel salesmen so I was used to hearing them present, but as soon as someone would open the door for me, I would freeze and that would be all. So guess who is a freelance writer now?

One year after that, I realized why so many people rolled their eyes when I said what my job was. As soon as I got back from the hospital with my baby, there was a knock on the door. It was a lady in her mid-fifties that came on a recommendation to pursue me to insurance, my child. I was a bit shocked at the beginning because I thought that the hospital sent her but at that moment, my grandfather called me to say that he was afraid because some woman called him and asked for me even though we don’t live together. It turned out that she had people all over the hospital and some of them mentioned my name after what she took the yellow pages and started calling everyone with my last name in order to find me. But since I already know about all the scams that the company did, I refused after what she decided to try another approach which was accusing me not to take care of my child and his future properly. Of course, she was kicked out immediately and trashed all over the city. The reason I wrote about this is for you to realize what the bad salesman looks like and that there are the boundaries you can’t cross if you start some door-to-door business. Be persuasive but don’t attack anyone, not verbally nor physically. No one is obligated to buy your product or listen to you in the first place.

And now, let’s see what 9 best selling products door-to-door are.

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