10 Best Places to Retire in Colombia

Choosing a place to raise a family is very important, but choosing the place to retire isn’t irrelevant as well. We already covered best places to retire in France, best places to retire in Baja Mexico, best places to retire in Spain, best places to retire in South Korea, best places to retire in Portugal, and best places to retire in Israel. If you didn’t read them, here is your chance. But have you ever considered moving to some of 10 best places to retire in Colombia?

For some people, Columbia is the homeland of drug cartels and Zika virus, but don’t unpack your bags just yet because these things are all in the past. The government of Columbia made a great effort to make this country more appealing and affordable for all the foreigners. Nowadays, democratic values are more respected, as well as the civil rights, and it really became a safe place for people. Besides, Colombia has beautiful landscapes and beaches that well as the tropical forests and deserts, which makes it more desirable for adventuristic foreigners. The best part is, even if you decide that this actually isn’t the right place for you or just feel homesick, you can easily book a flight and be back in the US in 3 to 4 hours.

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What is even more important for foreigners, especially retirees, are the living conditions, especially the cost of living, healthcare, and the weather. Of course, no one wants to move to a place where he/she can end up hungry or homeless because their fund can’t cover all the expenses and bills a person has to deal with in a place with a high cost of living index.

Another thing is a healthcare. No one wants to say that you are too old and fragile and that you need 24/7 covered medical care or a retirement home, but let’s face it. If you already retired, it means that you are in a certain age where you often need medical advice and exams, which is why, when compiling this list, we took a look at places with the higher hospital to population ratio. Speaking of it, you would be happy to know that the things you heard about the health care system in Columbia during the late 90s are all things of the past, because, according to OECD Review of Colombia’s Health System, around 96.6% of population has to access to the healthcare since the government spends around 7.2% of GDP on health.

The last, but not the least important parameter was the weather, which included finding the average temperature in each place, the number of rainy and sunny days. When putting all these numbers into the equation, the best places to retire in Columbia were found. To see the results, click on 10 best places to retire in Columbia to get the insight.

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